Fish Breathe Water: By Jim Atwell

Fish breathe water
And birds breathe air.
Perhaps a whiff of the Divine would suite your taste.
I am sure it would take your breath away.
Have you learned to breathe the fire of creation?
It is really quite Divine.
Hot air is not just for politicians and dragons.

Much Love
Jim Atwell

Know That By Which All Else Is Known: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The photo art above is from John Wassenberg FB page.

Some say that Reality is subjective, some say it is objective, and some say it is both objective and subjective, and some say it is neither. Continue reading

On Death and Dying: Words of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Bhagavan Ramana as a youth

Bhagavan Ramana as a youth

The devotees know that Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi had an intense experience of death in his seventeenth year. After the experience ended, he was established in the realisation of his true Self and the illusion of death died forever.

Here is in part Bhagavan’s description of what happened: Continue reading

One Poem: By Rafael Stoneman

Your beauty is One beauty
it is not male or female
it is sexless, like love

Your wisdom is One wisdom
it is not simple or complex
it is thoughtless, like being

Your truth is One truth
it is not true or false
it is mindless, like heart

Your form is One form
it is not beginning or ending
it is infinite, like God

Your life is One life
it is not separate or individual
it is everywhere, like nature

Your ego is One ego
it is not mine or yours
it is the Divine, like everything

As I Saw Him: By S.S. Cohen

THE THIRD OF FEBRUARY 1936, early morning, saw my horse cart rolling on the uneven two-and-a-half mile road from Tiruvannamalai railway station to Ramanasramam. Two sleepless nights in the train from Bombay found me tired in body and mind. My head was swimming and my senses confused. I had hoped for some rest at the Ashrama, but when I arrived there at last there was not a soul to be seen anywhere. Continue reading