Learn to grow wings and fly to God. By Mourad Rashad

A post in Harsha Satasangh triggered this article. It was about a question by an honest seeker and an answer by Sri Ganesan. It occurred to me to answer the same question from another light.

The question was: “God has given everything as far as physical needs are concerned, in fact a lot more. And there is no end to desires. Life on the physical plane is going on. Now the main thing is to get centered in the “I”. I don’t seem to be making much progress on that front.”

The question is “everyone’s question”, it is the whole path to God; it is the question by an honest man who wants to become enlightened. Continue reading

Meeting Shiva Shakti Ma at Arunachala: By Helene Averous

I met Shiva Shakti Ma 2 weeks ago in Tiruvanamalai.

When she silently entered the room,
I started crying immediately
I couldn’t stop hearing those words in my mind
“She is so beautiful
She is SO beautiful
Just Grace

When I came into her room
I just fell in tears before even being able to look into her eyes
Bowing down at her feet

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