Know That By Which All Else Is Known: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The photo art above is from John Wassenberg FB page.

Some say that Reality is subjective, some say it is objective, and some say it is both objective and subjective, and some say it is neither.Some say that the Final State of Realization is that of  pure existence, some say it is only pure non-existence and some say it is beyond both existence and non-existence.

Some say that our ultimate nature is that of emptiness, some say it is of complete fullness, and others say that it is beyond both.

No matter how clever the terminology and how subtle the expression of the experience of the Self, or the nature of reality, or the Original Face, it misses the mark. It is because the highest reality, however we name it, has no point of reference in experience being *It Self* the very foundation on which all experience appears to take place.

It is best to know the Self, to know the Heart, the innermost Being and go beyond all words and concepts. The only way to know the Self is to Be It and rest in one’s own nature.

Note the following from Atma Vidya (Sage of Arunachala Sri Bhagavan Ramana):

“When you have not understood yourself, what is the point in understanding other things? When you have understood yourself, what else is there to understand?”

The Upanishads also say the same thing: “Know That, by which all else is known.”

By what power do we know? What is “That” which makes all else known?

Of what avail is knowing things
Other than the Self? And the Self being known,
What other thing is there to know?
That one light that shines as many selves,
Seeing this Self within
As Awareness’ lightning flash;
The play of Grace; the ego’s death;
The blossoming of bliss.

[‘Self-Knowledge’ (‘Atma-Vidya’), v. 4; see “Collected Works”]

Harsh K. Luthar


Namaste and love to all


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