Verizon and Apple: When Will They Dance?

By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Verizon customers have been waiting to get an iPhone for several years. Most have stayed loyal to Verizon due to Verizon’s wider network. However, the hope has been kept alive that when AT&T’s exclusive hold on the iPhone ends, Verizon will add the iPhone to its offerings of smart phones. Continue reading

The Secret of a Perfect Coffee: by Dr Damiana Corca

Do you feel you can’t get yourself started in the morning till you’ve had your cup(s) of coffee? You’re not alone, to be sure! But have you wondered why so? Is it caffeine that gives the kick or it’s rather a psychological trick? Probably both! Many of us could make our body more active and ready for action just by drinking a cup of water. I am taking a wild guess here and I think many of you are smiling only at the thought of replacing coffee with water.

But what if for the sake of your health you would be forced to banish coffee from your life or at least cut down your daily ration? I bet you would feel at a loss how to do this! Don’t worry, alternatives do exist. Our dear plants are here to save us once again! Continue reading