Conscious Yoga Dance: Meeting of Two Sacred Expressions

Conscious Yoga Dance is for me a Dream come true.  By joining Yoga and a creative inner expression, Dance, I have reached another level, finding freedom in the discipline.

I designed Conscious Yoga Dance as a connection between Yoga and Dance to tune our mind to our inner flow.

Conscious Yoga dance allows your body to come fully alive and express itself, building an energy field and breaking inner boundaries. It allows us to become more and more in tune with ourselves, expressing the body connection to the universal flow of life through music and movement.

After practicing Yoga for several years I have experienced a deep inner peace, harmony and flexibility in mind and body. The inter-connection of mind-body-spirit has become a reality for me feeling oneness. Learning how to spread this feeling of Unity is what brings me to study, practice and teach yoga. It has leaded me to find the way in which I can fulfill others and myself in a magnificent way. Continue reading