Luthar’s Chaimacolate: The Natural Low Carb Super Energy Drink

Harsh K. Luthar - Flying

Harsh K. Luthar – How I feel after Chaimacolate

By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Have you heard of Chaimacolate? It is pronounced Chai-Ma-Co-Late

Of course, you have not! I just made this term up to describe the Super Rich Energy drink that I have been taking off and on for the last year. Continue reading

You Have No Caste!

You have no caste. No duties bind you.
Formless and free,
Beyond the reach of the senses,
The witness of all things.
So be happy! ~ Ashtavakra Gita (1:5)

You have no caste

Ashtavakra Gita is a classic ancient Advaita scripture that is uttered by a great sage from a radical nondual perspective. This was one of Sri Ramana’s favorite scriptures and he used it as a teaching tool in some conversations. Photo art found on John Wassenberg fb page.

Enter the Heart

When you enter the Heart, you become the Heart. That is the true silence.

You know that you know nothing.

A man asked the Maharshi to say something to him. When asked what the man wanted to know, he said that he knew nothing and wanted to hear something from the Maharshi. Bhagavan then said to the man, “You know that you know nothing. Find out that knowledge.” (See Talk 12 in “Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi).

Bhagavan used to say that the only direct knowledge we have is that “I Exist”. All other knowledge is via inference. Hence the Self-Inquiry, “Who Am I?” was advised by Bhagavan as the primary spiritual practice.

The Glow Of Contentment

I have left all my practices, and words of the wise
now sound like noises in the city at lunch time.
On entering the heart of awareness, I saw that
joy is simply the glow of contentment devoid of longing. ~ HKL


Sri Ramana Maharshi in the picture above.


The Perfect Intimacy

On a day like any other, I entered the immediacy of the Heart
and for the first time realized what is meant by perfect intimacy.
It was this Oneness lighting up the mind that I had overlooked
until it held me so completely and revealed Itself as the Beloved. ~ HKL