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Dearest Friends:

This is an Interfaith Enlightenment Site devoted to the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950), the Indian Sage of Arunachala. Sri Ramana was accepting of all people from various religions and traditions and advocated the method of Self-Inquiry for attaining Self-Realization. For an explanation of Self-Inquiry, see the following articles.

Sri Ramana worshipped the Holy Arunchala mountain and walked on it for many years. His kindness and love extended to the animals and plants and trees on the hill around him. He befriended many animals on the Arunachala Hill including the monkeys and squirrles and enjoyed feeding them. His Ashram had many pets, some of whom, like the cow Lakshmi became well known because of Sri Ramana’s utmost respect for her. On the day that she passed away, Sri Ramana sat with Lakshmi with his hand on her chest so that she would attain the great peace and pass into Moksha. Here are some stories of Sri Ramana.

Sri Ramana taught in the context of Advaita-Vedanta and emphasized the nondual interpretation of scriptures. However, he gave his approval to a number of paths and spiritual practices associated with various religions and schools of Yoga, Kundalini, Tantra, and Bhakti. Sri Ramana maintained that his essential teaching was given in silence. See the article on Sri Ramana by Gabriele Ebert on his teaching through silence.

Like Sri Ramana, we celebrate the spiritual diversity that manifests in this world from the love of God, God being the very form of love that permeates the universe and is at the core of our existence. Here is the welcome to the site given below by me.

This Absolute Reality of God is known by many names in various religions. In whatever way the Supreme Being is approached and worshiped we accept it as a gift of faith and friendship. This Interfaith Ideal is expressed in the article below.

Ahimsa (Nonviolence) and Universal Love for peace and understanding among all people are the active principles behind this Interfaith Enlightenment site. See the following link for discussion of Ahimsa.

An Ancient Jaina prayer for peace states in part:

Peace and Universal Love is the essence
of the Gospel preached by all
Enlightened Ones.
A weapon, howsoever powerful it may be,
can always be superseded by a better one;
but no weapon can, however,
be superior to non-violence and love.

For prayers of peace from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and many other religions, see the following link

A number of scholars from various parts of the world have written on this site. Here are some examples:

Dr. Mourad Rashad of Egypt:

Sri Alan Jacobs of England:

Sri Gabriele Ebert from Germany:

Professor Krishnnamurthy from India and the U.S.

Thich Nhat Hanh from Vietnam

In addition to these, many distinguished scholars and yogis such as Dr. K. Sadananda, Sri S.N. Sastri, Sri Pramoda Chitrabhanu, Sri Joyce Sweinberg, Dr. Shyam Subramanian, Dr. Holly Barrett, Dr. Lakshyan Schanzer, Sri Michael Bowes, Professor Jill Eggers, among others have written on this site.

There are too many luminaries associated with this site to mention on this one page. What they all have in common is the dedication to Truth and sharing their love for divine with fellow human beings.

We welcome and embrace everyone interested in the philosophy of Ahimsa (nonviolence) and universal love.

May all beings be free from sorrow.

Namaste and love to all


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