A Posy of Flowers – 6: Alan Jacobs


Pretty petulant petals of brightest blue,
Petty adornment gracing gardens of love,
Emblem of Adoration to our Great God above,
For Remembering Him is right worship true;
Prayer will bring Him ever closer to you,
As Noah’s praise, when he saw a snow white dove,
That showed the end of the flood, which drove
Righteousness from Earth, except for a few. Continue reading

A Posy of Flowers – 5: By Alan Jacobs


Radiant floral emblem of my Real Self,
Hiding behind her veil. Try then to find
Her, not mischievous monkey mind,
Nor dark demonic perverted elf,
Avaricious for his material pelf,
Egotistic and spiritually blind,
Ever spinning thoughts to weave and wind,
Piling up more luggage on his mental shelf. Continue reading

A Posy of Flowers – 3: By Alan Jacobs


In my rose garden warmly rouged by dawn,
There grow white arum lilies shining too,
Pranked with iris, softly clad in blue.
Radiant roses glow crimson like the morn,
I stroll amongst the fountains; in my view
Such Lady Beauty spoke as Being True.
True in the sense that Art is Beauty born,
To waken souls of men to God divine. Continue reading

A Posy of Flowers – 2: By Alan Jacobs


Easter Lily, named by those whose blooms we love,
Golden yellow, surging wild in wood or field,
They open fresh  perfumed petals to yield
To sunlight, shining down from high above.
We wait for the sign of the peaceful dove
To save us from Noah’s  flood when soul is healed,
And our covenant with God is truly sealed,
Mad  demon ego receives his killing shove. Continue reading

A Posy Of Flowers – 1: By Alan Jacobs


I took a walk in nearby Bluebell wood,
A wild flower garden arched by aspen trees,
When sunshine casts its searchlight beam on these,
We’re raised to God, the blessed and the Good.
This is the home of Beauty if it’s understood;
Art without Her will always cease to please
Nor  take Soul back to worship on her knees,
As poetry, music, painting truly should. Continue reading