Fish Breathe Water: By Jim Atwell

Fish breathe water
And birds breathe air.
Perhaps a whiff of the Divine would suite your taste.
I am sure it would take your breath away.
Have you learned to breathe the fire of creation?
It is really quite Divine.
Hot air is not just for politicians and dragons.

Much Love
Jim Atwell

Divine Delight: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Filled with divine delight
I can hardly bear my intoxication
It feels like the heart will burst
but vapors of love remain contained,
within this shell, but seep out

Where shall I hide the light
burning in this Self-fascination
that healed
the scars as if the wounds existed only
in the emptiness of some starless night.

Without any choice was granted this sight
that finds its voice
in these rhymes.

Now that clouds have burst
waves of the sea remain unstained
and splash over me sometimes.

True Love, Divine Love: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

I fell in love
I fell in a well
I fell in a well of love.

I splashed all about
trying to get out
out of the well of love.

Terror seized me
came this thought;
All is lost!

Tried to swim out
heard myself shout

A drowning man
gasped for breath
close seemed death.

I wildly thrashed around
in the well of love
and in time got out
safe and sound.

Cold and shaken
lost in thought
dripping from head to toe;
was not sure
if the battle fought
had been with a friend or foe.

Still, shivering body
sought no shelter
with no other place to go
stood quietly into the night
until the sunrise
brought its warmth and glow.

Then I missed love
and circled
the well of love.

Looked inside
but could not tell
how deep it was.

I felt its call
the well of love
thus grew my sorrow and pain.

I could not help it
so I jumped in
the well of love again.

Now, water water everywhere
all thought has ceased to be
and everywhere I stare
my love’s face is what I see.

Yes, water water everywhere
not a single sound is made
I did drown in the well of love
and only love remained.