Ramana Maharshi Timeline and Places – by Richard Clarke

Ramana at Virupaksha Cave

Ramana at Virupaksha Cave

Below is a listing of Ramana’s timeline and the place where he was at the time. We visited on photographed each location where Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is known to have visited or resided. Double click a place name to see the posting. Continue reading

Temples and Shrines along Arunachala’s Outer Pradakshina Route. by Richard Clarke

Arunachala’s ‘Outer Path’ is a place where you can visit many temples and shrines in one place while circumambulating this Holy Hill. Temples and shrines line the way of the 14 km pradakshina route. Circumambulating of holy sites – pradakshina – has long been a special spiritual experience in India. In the Skanda Purana, it is said:

The sins committed by the mind are destroyed by the first step (of pradaksina), the sins committed in speech by the second and the sins perpetrated by the body by the third step…

Skanda Purana Ch.9 v.28 Continue reading