My Visit to Arunachala: By Alan Jacobs

Letter From Alan Jacobs after returning from Arunachala


My dear Friends,

My whole recent visit to Arunachala was filled with Bhagavan’s boundless Grace from beginning to end. Continue reading

Work: By Kheyala

I am in a slightly bewildered state, having just come to the completion of two major projects; which, with my head down, had consumed much of my time and focus over the last two years.  One of them is my new website, and the other is the submission of half my life’s work to a publishing company.* Continue reading

Awakening: By Kheyala

My boy, who is nine, said to me, “Mom, I know it’s weird, but I don’t think I’m alive. I don’t think you’re alive either.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, intrigued. “Do tell!”

“Well, I’m not me, and you’re not you; we’re just atoms.” Continue reading

How I came to the Maharshi: By Papa-ji (H.W.L Poonja)

I have been a visionary from childhood. When I was only five years old I already had visions of Sri Krishna. At first I thought every one could see them. I once said to my mother: “Look! He’s standing there!” but she explained to me that only I saw him. Continue reading