How to Help Haiti Relief Efforts

Many people are asking how they can help in Haiti relief efforts without being victim of Scams. Here is a listing of major groups that have experience in disaster relief efforts.

The American Red Cross site is given below.

Face of Fullness: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

There are no free thoughts;
the gate to freedom exists
within the eye of the I.

It may be known
when you are alone
and completely empty.

Or when lovers meet
to spend their passions
and rest in the heart. Continue reading

Al-Hallaj_ A Great Sufi Mystic: By Aparna Sharma

For all the tertiary differences in various religions and traditions, the fundamental truths are by far, the same. Therefore in a lot many spiritual traditions other than Vedanta, we find glimpses (and  sometimes vast expansive vistas) of Advaita. Continue reading