Mother Divine: The Supreme Goddess

When I was very young, my meditations made me soar so high that I was afraid of falling and felt anxious. In those moments the most gentle and angelic female presence firmly held me from behind and guided my flights over celestial regions like a mother showing a child how to ride a bicycle. It happened often.

This angel was always behind me at my back holding my shoulders in the most reassuring manner. Gliding over the heavenly realms of light with this divine companion was pure joy.  But I could never see her face and wondered who she was.

Who was this motherly angel who manifested in my meditations to protect me from fears? Who was this being that embraced me with such tenderness and silently guided and navigated the path?

This went on for many years. She was my guardian angel. Where she came from, I don’t know.

As time went by and I got older, I felt her less and less often. Perhaps I had matured in some ways and did not need her. I don’t know the psychology of it. Still, I did not forget her.

She was very real to me at a young age and  always seemed to be around especially in contemplative and meditative states. Her form was that of a gentle motherly presence. It was absolutely unmistakable. Whenever she came, I knew it instantly just like a newborne knows his mother by smell.  Who was she and where had she gone, I thought at times.

Many many years passed. I was much older now. I was 39.  One midnight, I lay down for meditation. Without warning, suddenly, she appeared in full bloom right before me. For the first time, I saw Her with the utmost clarity. She was the epitome of purity and innocence and the very essence of beauty. Her Being radiated bright blessings.

Speechless I gazed at Her face and spontaneously folded my hands in “Namaste” with reverence and bowed slightly. Through Her eternal and watchful eyes that see  into the Heart, the Supreme Goddess looked at me intently with tenderness and smiled sweetly. Then she disappeared.

Note: The Supreme Goddess did not look like any of the pictures that artists have drawn and are found in Hinduism.  I have chosen to describe Her by accurately stating, “She was the epitome of purity and innocence and the very essence of beauty.” Those words are the truth. 

Harsh K. Luthar

7 thoughts on “Mother Divine: The Supreme Goddess

  1. Heart-mind’s eye and the detail never match or concur, and Luther K Harsh is absolutely spot on when he confesses that all other manifestations and pictures we adore and revere are mere conjectures and artistic images, at best. Every image that I have been blessed with and been with are all with an immense purity and an innocence which no creativity lodged within the frame of a body bring with the same vividness or clarity. To many images for me to count have been blessed by my Guru, Shri Shri Satya Sai Baba while I was in Kulwant Hall and in Trayee ~ Thank you Harsh for such a great and wonderful share ~ Glory Be ~ AUM

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  2. This is no mind creation..It is the eye of the Heart-Mind which images and brings it to the fore..Harsh K Luther saw the Angelic form after being with this many times, which underlines and shows the immense connect and the essences which makes us all The SELF ~ Being one with the intent makes the connect and hence the image and the ability of Harsh K Luther to bring to his description the clarity and the immense detail of Her innocence and her absolute purity ~AUM ~


  3. goosebumps as i read this one…. recently had an experience of me standing in front of the mirror…. i felt me seeing lord krishna… into me…. i dnt knw why tht happened but was feeling blessed 🙂

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