Upadesa Saram Verse 4: Comments by Dr. Suryanarayana Raju


Verse 4: kaya vang manah karyam uttamam pujanam japat chintanam krama
kaya-vak-manah: with body, speach and mind
karyam: acts
pujanam: worship
japa: chanting
chintanam: contemplation
kramat: order
uttama: better

“worship, japa, contemplation are the best activities in that order … performed respectively with body,speech and mind.” Continue reading

Upadesa Saram Verse 3: Comments by Dr. Suryanarayana Raju


Verse 3: ishvara-arpitam na ichaya kritam , chitta shodakam mukti sadhakam.

ishvararpitam: Dedicated to God.
na ichaya kritam: not desiring.
Chitta shodakam: purifies the mind
mukti sadanam: is an aid to liberation.

Dedicating the results of action to God and not desiring leads to purification of mind and this practise is an aid to liberation. Continue reading

Upadesa Saram Verse 2: Comments by Dr. Suryanarayana Raju


Verse2: Kriti mahodadhou patana karanam phalam ashashvatam gati nirodhakam.

kriti – maha – udau : The vast ocean of actions
patana karanam: is the cause for fall [spiritual fall]
phalam ashashvatam: The result is transient.
gati nirodhakam: acts to stop spiritual progress.

The reason for someone’s not progressing in spiritual path is getting lost in the ocean of actions. Continue reading

2009 New Year Message From Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

This new year message from the past seems to be right for every new year. Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes. May we enter the new year open to Grace. Let there be peace among all living beings. May everyone be healed in friendship and love. All Blessings.


Dear Friends,

Humanity stands at the crossroads of destiny. Amidst wars and conflict on this planet, along with poverty, disease, and changes in the environment leading to global warming, the way ahead is not clear to me. Is it clear to you? If so, please share your views.

Our heroes in the past have tended to be warriors, kings, conquerors, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, who through their power of imagination, genius, organization, cleverness, and ingenuity were able to succeed beyond measure and attain personal empires, fortunes, and glories.  I ask you all to consider that perhaps we need different types of heroes if human evolution is to find its rightful purpose and survive. Our heroes, out of necessity now, have to be those with a long term vision of peace. Our heroes have to be the Peace Makers. Without them, the very survival of humanity is at stake.

I read somewhere…

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