Climate Change – Would You Save Your Only Home? by Dr Damiana Corca

A major condition of healthy living on Earth is keeping a positive balance between our environment and us. While growing up in the Carpathians I took being self-sustainable for granted, from growing all necessary vegetables on our own land to raising animals that would help us through the winter. Nowadays, I could not do much without relying on fossil energy sources. Unfortunately that comes at a high price. The nature has changed drasticaly and brought fear among us, for the future of our lives and for our children. The media is full of information, very controversial at times, so I was as confused as many of us are when I decided to look closer into the issue of climate change. Are we doomed, can we do something about it, is anything going to change the damage that has already been done – all these questions were racing through my mind. I wanted facts and wanted to know what is in my power to change. Continue reading

Do I Hear Bubbles? By Dr Damiana Corca

I think I couldn’t find a better topic to begin with in 2010 than something as vital as the air we breathe – WATER. When your habit changes from drinking only 1 or 2 cups of water every day, I guarantee you will feel as though you have been reborn or washed on the inside – both spiritually and physically. And if you don’t quite get the spiritual part, then the increased bowel movements might let you know for sure that something is being cleansed

Everybody is talking of how good water is for you and how you should have at least 8 cups of water per day. In the rush of the day, between working, taking care of the kids, cooking and coping with life, you find yourself at 10 PM having ingested nothing more than the rushed cup of water that replaced your breakfast. Should you go ahead and pour down your throat the remaining 7 cups until you feel like fish could live into your belly? I’d say that is not the way to go about it. I have heard this so many times that it has become my second nature to talk about the simple Rule of Four.

You only need to remember 4 times a day to drink water and thankfully there are no strict hours. Two times you have to remember is morning and evening; right upon wakening drink 2 cups of water and as early as you can remember before sleeping but after dinner, have another 2 cups of water. Here we go, 4 cups down! The rest of the cups are simply split by half, 2 cups anytime between breakfast and lunch and another 2 between lunch and dinner. See how simple it is? You can also carry a bottle of water and sip throughout the day if that feels easier, but if you have a hard time remembering to keep drinking, the Rule of Four should always do the trick. Oh, let me give you a tip! Do no drink more than a few sips of water anytime during eating and 20 minutes before or after eating. This would only make the digestion process longer and even induce bloating. Continue reading