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Luthar.com is not meant as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. No warranties or guarantees are offered as to the accuracy or quality of the opinions and views expressed in the articles on this site.

Many scholars, professors, yoga teachers, nutritionists, vegans, raw food advocates, and alternative health care practitioners,  and other friends write on this blog site. They express their understanding of metaphysics, epistemology, as well as the more practical issues of lifestyle, nutrition, and health within their own frameworks of  training and conceptual thought as well as their spiritual and religious orientations.

No warranties or guarantees are offered as to the accuracy or the quality of the opinions and views expressed  by the authors who write on the site.

If you have any questions about your mental or physical health conditions, symptoms, or illness, those questions should be directed to your personal health care providers.

The articles and poems on this site are meant to be in the spirit of  inspiration, exploration, and freedom of expression and embody enlightened and good natured entertainment.

It is absolutely critical that you seek explicit and written permission from Dr. Harsh K. Luthar and other authors appearing on this site, whose work you wish to use or exhibit elsewhere. (c) Copyright 1997-2027. Dr. Harsh K. Luthar. All Rights Reserved.

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