From Chaos To Clarity: By Dr. Suryanarayana Raju

Many convert spirituality into a process of becoming from the present state of chaos to the perfect state of Self. This allows the mind to perpetuate itself in the name of spirituality.

Be aware of this trick of the mind. Spirituality is to be aware of “what is”. This very awareness brings transformation of present chaotic state of “what is”, to a perfect state of clarity here and now. Transformation happens in the “now”, in the present moment. Continue reading

The Art Of Observation: By Dr. Raju

Self-inquiry is to reflect whatsoever is passing by in the inner consciousness.

Consciousness reflects diamonds or pebbles equally. By its very nature it won’t choose that which is reflected.

Ego is the consummation of all past experiences. So if we observe through the observer there is the perpetuation of the past. Nothing new can be observed with such a type of observation.

Self-inquiry is not a process of “doing”.It is a process of conscious observation without the interference of the “doer”. In such a type of observation even “doer” is an object of observation. Continue reading

Ramana: The Essential Teachings

Bhagavan Ramana


Discern at every step that I am whatever is beginningless, conscious, unborn, primal, resident in the Heart-cavity, unsullied, and transcending the world, whatever is pure, peerless, desireless, beyond sight or other perceptions or even mental apprehension. Continue reading

The Nature of Enlightenment in Advaita

Dear Harsha:

In many Eastern traditions it is believed that once a person is fully Self-Realized or Enlightened, he or she attains complete perfection and becomes omniscient and all knowing about three periods of time (past, present, and the future) anywhere in the entire universe. What would be Sri Ramana Maharshi’s view on this? Was Sri Ramana really all knowing and perfect in every way?
_______ Continue reading

This Constant Yearning: Hafiz-Part II (by Aparrna Sharma)

We are like lutes once held by God.
Being away from his warm body
Fully explains
This constant yearning.

So what is it in human spirit that makes it reject even its own heart’s desire in face of union with God?? Continue reading

Keep The Essential Focus: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Bhagavan Ramana

Bhagavan Ramana

Sri Ramana used to say that there are so many scriptures, it is hard to read them all.  Bhagavan’s view was that once an aspirant understands the essence of the pure teaching of self-inquiry, practice becomes the most critical factor on the path.

I should add that the commentaries on the scriptures are endless as well! Continue reading