Using Mantras with Kundalini: By Michael Hortling


omOver 20 years ago, the kundalini-shakti erupted within myself. Since I didn’t have a clue about what had happened to me and I experienced some quite unpleasant side-effects of this awakening, I had to start looking for remedies in order to ease some of the discomfort. This has been a more or less ongoing process ever since and although I can’t say that all problems have disappeared, some interesting insights and experiences have been gained and that alone has made the journey very worthwhile.

The effects on the psyche, and on one’s ideas about oneself and life in general, that come about by an active kundalini are far reaching indeed, but this transformation seems to have a price attached to it. In my case I’ve been plagued by a variety of symptoms ranging from physical health problems to bouts of anxiety and depression. As a result, I’ve been led to closely observe and attempt to harmonize the innermost workings and mechanics of my mind and body using a variety of techniques and methods such as tai-chi, hatha-yoga and various types of meditation.

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Dance of Chance: By Mary Bianco

in between
reality and illusion,
love and fear,
duality and nonduality,
sinner and saint,
truth and lie,
there exists a crevice,
a line so fine as to be nearly invisible.
One day,
while walking barefoot in the snow
with your nose close to the ground in search of food,
you trip and fall into the abyss of the crevice.
In the falling you suddenly realize that you are gazing
into the compassionate eyes of the One
Who is gently cradling you in warm and loving arms.


Frail Flowers: By Jan Barendrecht

frail flowers abound
the gardener is sound asleep
my mind, the graveyard

joy, tears and laughter
the gardener woke up again
the mind, a great yard

no joy, no sadness
spacious as the vast blue sky
no yard, no graveyard

no mind, no gardener
the garden of the unborn
frail flowers abound

Perspective: By Jan Barendrecht


This picture is suggesting a perspective

What is flat from one perspective isn’t from another

What is smooth from one perspective isn’t from another

What is huge from one perspective is tiny from another

An ordeal from one perspective

A blessing in disguise from another

No perspective can be seen from another perspective

Non-perspectiveness underlies all perspectives