Enlightenment: What do you really want? By Alx Uttermann

I live in California, in the US, which is an interesting experience from a spiritual point of view. On the one hand, California is far and away the most progressive region of the United States; early to adopt vegetarian diets, green consciousness, and spiritual curiosity beyond the offerings of organized Western religions. On the other hand, because it was in many ways the pioneer of consciousness in America, there are time when it seems that people have become convinced that they have all the answers, spiritually, whether they’re coming from the New Age perspective, gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, different Vedic traditions, Native American, or the Wiccan path. Continue reading

Shams Tabrizi: By Aparna Sharma

Shams-i Tabrizi was a  wandering mystic who became Rumi’s beloved companion.  Rumi had been a sober scholar, teaching law and theology to a small circle of students, but the coming of Shams turned him into a devotee of music, dance, and poetry.

Mevlana Jallal-ud-din Rumi says about his first encounter with Shams: “The God which I have worshiped all my life appeared to me today in human form.” Continue reading

The Red Dakini and Enlightenment: By Satya Chaitanya

Paulo Coelho’s The Manual of the Warrior of Light begins with the following story:

‘Just off the beach to the west of the village lies an island, and on it is a vast temple with many bells,’ said the woman. The boy noticed that she was dressed strangely and had a veil covering her head. He had never seen her before. Continue reading

Our Daily Calcium (Part II) – Triple Strong Calcium Plan: by Dr Damiana Corca

Learning about calcium’s functions and its related diseases is all fun and interesting but the bottom line is that we need useful information that we can actually apply in our daily life.

Here it is! Not only a triple strong calcium plan but how about a triple square plan? OK, enough mathematics, let’s get it going already. Continue reading

No One Left To Be Enlightened! By Divyaa Kumar

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Suddenly everybody’s singing this song, and there is much talk about a change in world wide consciousness ushering in a new dimension. And perhaps you look around and wonder, or even scoff, but by understanding what is really meant, you can instead add to this happiness quotient rather than to the doubts and worry. Continue reading

Our Daily Calcium – Part I: by Dr Damiana Corca

Calcium, the mineral present in the largest amount in our body, plays a vital role in many physiological processes, from birth to advanced age. We all know how important calcium is for the growing child or how it affects people with osteoporosis.  But calcium does much more than that and a correct diet involves much more than eating calcium rich foods. The real skill lies in combining and ingesting the right balance of foods.

Continue reading