I AM The Moon: By Jim Atwell

I am the moon in time and place.
A reflection for Lovers who touch the sky.
You see my form but can you feel my heart?
Drink the moon beams and bask in Love.
I am a gentle caress for the heart of lovers.
Come; stroke the face of my heart,
The moon beams may turn into Love Beams
And we can reflect each other in Love.

Much Love
Jim Atwell

Professor and the Sage – Part 2

Interview with Prof. N. R. Krishnamurthy Aiyer

Concluding from Part 1. Summary:

At the age 16, Professor N.R Krishnamurthy had darshan of Bhagavan Ramana. That was in 1914. Eight years later in 1922 Professor Krishnamurthy had completed his M.S. in Physics. He went and met Bhagavan again. By this time Professor Krishnamurthy was an agnostic and put a question to Bhagavan that he felt could not be answered. Bhagavan, however, answered with a counter question that transformed Professor Krishanmurthy but also created fear in him of Bhagavan. Professor Krishanamurthy did not go see Bhagavan Ramana for 12 years.  He was then a Physics Professor. Now the interview continues.
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