Bhagavan’s Walk With Devotees: By Viswanatha Swami

Editor’s Note about the three characters in the story:

1. Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni was a great yogi and a mystic poet and one of the early devotees of Bhagavan Ramana. Bhagavan and the devotees affectionately referred to him as Nayana.

2. Sri Murunagar is well known to Bhagavan devotees. He was the great poet who came to Bhagavan for the first time bringing a poem he had written to read to Bhagavan. However, upon seeing Bhagavan for the first time, Muruganar could not utter a single word. Bhagavan then took the piece of paper from Muruganar and read his poem.  From that point, everything fell away from Muruganar and he became known as Bhagavan’s shadow.

3. Vishwanath Swami who narrates this wonderful story, was the son of Bhagavan’s elder cousin. Now the story as told by Viswanatha Swami. I have made some minor edits for clarity.

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Understanding Bhagavan Ramana’s Teachings: By Alan Jacobs


In his seminal Crest Jewel of Discrimination, the Self-realized philosopher, Shankara, spoke of the three high gifts bestowed through the grace of God. Firstly, to be born in a human body, secondly, to aspire to liberation, and thirdly, to be associated with a great sage. Continue reading