Darkness and Light: by Christine Wushke

Being willing to sit honestly with yourself in the darkest of dark nights is a gift to the world. When we can sit in our own deepest pain with a willingness to accept it as it is, to forgive it, or even to just be with the experience; we begin to break down the cycle of authorship, projection and blame. Continue reading

Psychiatry in Chinese Medicine – A Basic Comparison of Western and Chinese Philosophies: by Dr. Damiana Corca, DOM, AP, L.Ac.

In order to grasp the idea of mental and emotional problems from the Chinese Medicine perspective we must uncover the meaning of basic terms such as spirit, mind and emotions. To understand the connotation of these words we need to explore philosophies such as Daoism and Confucianism, but also some of the Western philosophers’ views.

A recurring theme in Western philosophies is that emotions are waves clouding Reason. Furthermore, emotions are main cause of disease on many accounts, this being a common line of thought that Chinese Medicine agrees on. However, Chinese Medicine tends to consider emotions only as cause of disease, putting less emphasis on how emotions work. Continue reading

Theory of Re-incarnation and Theory of Evolution by Raman Leonato

Theory of Evolution and Theory of Re-incarnation are in fact very similar in their approach, at least from the philosophical point of view. Theory of evolution basically says that all children are born from parents. I.e. men did not appear out of the blue, so if you go from child to parent back in time. Where do you end? Continue reading