Friends Speak is owned and edited by Harsha-ji (Harsh K. Luthar), and is preeminent among spiritual sites on the web. Harsha-ji himself is primarily devoted to the Teachings of the illustrious Sage of Arunachala, Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, Consistent with that orientation, contains many insightful and well written articles on Ramana Maharshi’s Teachings by devotees of Bhagavan Ramana from all over the world. These articles by international scholars and sages are a great aid to those wishing to deepen their practice of Bhagavan’s teaching of Self-Inquiry.But that is not all. Harsha-ji has a passion for a healthy, correct, and a modern life style which is fully in tune with the needs of the spiritual aspirants of today. Many fine articles on this site cover the whole field of how to enjoy a healthy and productive life. Harsha-ji, along with other Bhagavan devotees also moderates the group Harshasatsangh which is a valuable meeting ground for Ramana Devotees. This group has been in existence since Jan. 1, 1999 and shows Harsha-ji’s commitment to Bhagavan Ramana’s teaching. and the Harshasatsangh group have helped many to find the essential clarity they need on the spiritual path advocated by Bhagavan Ramana. I heartily endorse and recommend to the spiritual world!
Long may it continue to flourish!Alan Jacobs, President – Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

avatarI am a contributor at, but first and foremost I am passionate reader of this website. My knowledge in Bhagavan Ramana’s teachings was very limited before I first visited so I am very grateful for the added knowledge in Eastern spirituality, yoga, nutrition and all related subjects. Dr. Harsh. K Luthar is a gifted writer who has the ability to put things in a simple way, easy to understand, for the beginner and advanced alike. There is so much wealth in this website! I often go back to the website and just pick up random articles to read and to reflect on. Thank you for all the amazing work you have done!Dr. Damiana Corca, DOM, AP (FL), L. Ac. (TN), Dipl. C.H. & O.M.

Dear Harsha,It is a necessity for me and a pleasure to inform you how much your esteemed Website helped me and is always helping me to proceed on my “way back home” – as i call my sadhan.
Knowing of the pressure you are in more and more and still having the readiness and ability to create always new ways of helping to help those of us who really want to learn what our beloved SadGuru Sri Ramana Maharshi had to share with us. We all have, if we need and want, a fountain of Wisdom in your website. But nobody of us honest seekers should forget that putting in daily life our accepted Wisdom is what is necessary to succeed. So it would be wonderful if you, dear Dr. Harsha, would continue in spite of all obstacles to help us on our way thru your abilities and readiness. And please know that i really know what effort in time etc
this needs….

Yours in Sri Ramana Maharshi

Michael Bindel

When I stumbled into a leadership role in nonduality in 1997-98, it was a whole new way of presenting and relating to the teachings of enlightenment, since it did not circle or gravitate toward a particular school of thought or a single guru. Harsha-ji was part of a small handful of people which I consulted almost daily to help me navigate the new waters of nonduality. Even if I didn’t always follow his advice, I tried to model how Harsha-ji carried and spoke his integrity. I still do. It is no surprise to me that is an oasis of integrity, a sacred space on the Internet.Jerry Katz

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  1. You are the Force and only You can direct your Course and with Ramana it’s straight to the Source. 😉 ❤ I Am that I Am – the SuprEme limitLess self. One drop into the one love.


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