Kundalini Yoga

Introductory note from Dr. Harsh K. Luthar: I have known Pieter Schoonheim Samara for many years. Pieter is unique in the way he integrates the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Advaita. Only the rarest and most advanced teachers have such deep knowledge of these topics. Such wisdom and insight and the ability to explain Kundalini Yoga and how it interfaces with the highest Advaitic teachings belongs only to the few who have direct experience of the nondual reality and Self  Knowledge.  Over the years, Pieter has shared a lot of his wisdom with us.

One of Pieter’s earlier articles that the editors uploaded back in 2005 for HarshaSatsangh Magazine, Volume IV, was the following.


Now Pieter has introduced the complete set of articles he has used in the past for training advanced Kundalini Teachers. I believe sincere practitioners of Kundalini Yoga who aspire to understand the underlying reality and the nature of the Self will find what Pieter offers to be of great value.

The Advaita-Kundalini Yoga Path of One Star Spirituality: By Pieter Schoonheim Samara

From time to time when one practices, in particular the Kundalini Yoga brought forth by of Yogi Bhajan, one would benefit also by reading some of these texts. The KY TT articles were originally handouts I provided to students in the Teachers Training Program to get right to the core, purpose, and realization intended by the practice and teachings, so that from a centralized perspective, a hub, the many aspects of the 35 years of teachings could be viewed and understood from a unified perspective, the intent being the sudden abidance as unconditioned uncaused, all pervasive being, where the seeming dichotomy of an inside and outside, a higher and lower consciousness, a separate individual “I” from the universal Self, is relinquished and vanishes, “Impact.” “Inside outside everything is whole.” Yogi Bhajan

The first group should be read in succession, as each one further the information in the previous one. Also they are useful to reread from time to time, as with practice new understanding arises as to the meaning of the words, i.e., you experience the meaning of the words that would not have been imaginable prior to practice.

The KY TT articles are:

Additional Articles regarding yoga practice and resulting experience
of radical Self awareness:

“Speak but the Word and my Soul will be healed” – Non-Dual spiritual
Texts, the reading of which, for someone practicing Kundalini Yoga,
results in a sudden recollection of the Self by the Self, the “I” of
our “i”, giving arise to the sensation of coming out of a state of
amnesia or stupor and into a grounding Singularity of pervasive
uncaused unconditioned Being:

  1. Also, read the Stories and teachings of Christ in the New Testament Gospels in relation to the reading and rereading of the above texts, and you will “hear” that the whole story and the entire teachings are really expressing the Path of Sudden Enlightenment, as explained in Maya-Non-Dualism.  When the non-dual teachings of Christ are “heard” – as in “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear what the spirit has top say….” One experiences a sudden recollection of who and what each of us really is, as never having been separate from either each other, the world, its Creator, or the singularity of all pervasive Being that shines through each one’s Heart.

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