The Perfect Intimacy

On a day like any other, I entered the immediacy of the Heart
and for the first time realized what is meant by perfect intimacy.
It was this Oneness lighting up the mind that I had overlooked
until it held me so completely and revealed Itself as the Beloved. ~ HKL



Diary of A Mystic Yogi: By Christine Wushke

Three Day Mountain Isolation Retreat: Journal Entry #3:

Day Three: Sunday morning I was sitting in my little cabin and the sun was shining through the window. I wanted to sit in the sun for a while so I closed my eyes and was just enjoying the warmth. Just like the previous day i began to notice a strong buzzing underneath me, as if the floor and chair were vibrating. At some point I became aware of an inner expansion, which I just allowed to unfold in front of me. Continue reading