Conscious Yoga Dance: Meeting of Two Sacred Expressions

Conscious Yoga Dance is for me a Dream come true.  By joining Yoga and a creative inner expression, Dance, I have reached another level, finding freedom in the discipline.

I designed Conscious Yoga Dance as a connection between Yoga and Dance to tune our mind to our inner flow.

Conscious Yoga dance allows your body to come fully alive and express itself, building an energy field and breaking inner boundaries. It allows us to become more and more in tune with ourselves, expressing the body connection to the universal flow of life through music and movement.

After practicing Yoga for several years I have experienced a deep inner peace, harmony and flexibility in mind and body. The inter-connection of mind-body-spirit has become a reality for me feeling oneness. Learning how to spread this feeling of Unity is what brings me to study, practice and teach yoga. It has leaded me to find the way in which I can fulfill others and myself in a magnificent way.

Through Dance and movement I can express what words cannot. I have been dancing since I was a child; it was the way to connect with the Divine. It has been feeling always very natural to me and I decided to study with different dance teachers from many cultures and traditions. I have taught and performed different forms of Dance throughout my life in Europe and Canada (i.e. Flamenco, Latin Dances, Oriental Dance), creating combinations to reference these styles in my own style of fusion.

There are many philosophical and practical connections between yoga and dance but the principle of unifying opposites is essential to both systems. Yoga and Dance; both forms are interconnected and coming from an infinite source of Oneness.  These two arts and disciplines were intimately united in the ancient past.

Yoga is a divine science of life revealed to enlightened sages in Meditation, the unification with our true Divine Nature and we can see Dance roots in Yoga.

In the Hindu tradition the image of Nataraja represents the god of gods, Shiva, the Cosmic Dancer, embodying the constant change and movement of life with his four arms extended and one foot lifted in a graceful way choreographing the eternal dance of the universe.

One of the central texts of yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, was inspired by an encounter with Nataraja.

“Shiva is dancing out of his own delight and it’s the vibration of his joy that creates the longing to move. He is so full of bliss that he can’t stand still”

Dance is a devotional activity that purifies, as does yoga. Dance is an impulse that has been evident since prehistorically times, it begins with life itself. The way we move and the way we walk says very much about us, we radiate externally how we feel internally. Movement defines who you are.

Becoming aware of the body as a vehicle without identification and feeling the connection with the Universe and rest of beings trough Yoga and Dance has enriched my life.

Conscious Yoga Dance is a meeting of two great sacred expressions.  I guide each Conscious Yoga Dance session through sequences of asanas and dance movements, linked together through conscious breathing that allows the creativity to arise. I use a wide variety of music styles that lead the way. The conscious breath is in tune with the music bringing the awareness to the present moment listening to your body and finding your  own ‘inner guide’. It is and active meditation. This is very therapeutic for our emotions and our whole being, developing flexibility, strength, endurance, vitality and centering, moving with awareness and connecting with the whole.

My calling is to bring you to a Sanctuary of natural flow, relax and harmony which is your true nature. I want to share this with you and I would like everyone to have this experience where stress and tension melt away allowing the Self to emerge, play, move, and simply celebrate life through movement. Come join me in this journey.

Conscious Yoga dance is a process that is in a constant state of evolution, so is Life. Within the circle of eternal change we make choices.  I choose consciously Yoga&Dance.



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