Your Nature is Peace and Happiness ~ Sri Ramana


Sri Ramana says, “Your Nature is Peace and Happiness.” This quote as well as the quotes in the picture are from Sri Ramana speaking in Talk 462 in “Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi”. Photo art is from John Wassenberg fb page. Bhagavan is saying that happiness and joy are our very nature and revealed when we turn our mind within and inquire as to the original source of the mind.

Bhagavan repeats this theme in many places. Bhagavan empasizes, “Happiness is the nature of the Self. They are not different. The only happiness there is, is of the Self. That is the truth. There is no happiness in worldly objects. Because of our ignorance we imagine we derive happiness from them.” ~ in Gems From Bhagavan (Chapter 1 on Happiness).

Bhagavan also said, “To attain that natural happiness one must know oneself. For that, Self-enquiry, ‘Who am I?’ is the chief means.” ~ in Gems From Bhagavan.

The ancient teachings repeated by the Advaitic sages including Bhagavan is that all happiness, physical, mental, or spiritual, has its source in the Self whose very nature is pure joy, pure bliss.


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