Awakening: By Kheyala

My boy, who is nine, said to me, “Mom, I know it’s weird, but I don’t think I’m alive. I don’t think you’re alive either.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, intrigued. “Do tell!”

“Well, I’m not me, and you’re not you; we’re just atoms.”

“Oh,” I answered thoughtfully. Then I asked, “How can you say that? I mean, what is aware of all the atoms?”


“Well… then, who are YOU?”

“Nothing,” he said again, in the exact same tone of voice. He laughed. “That’s weird to say I’m just nothing, but it’s true.”

We both laughed.

“Come here,” I said. I brushed the hair back on his forehead and I kissed him there.


You know, I was 24 when my identity made that shift, and he is only nine. My path in the world was not easy after that point, and I wonder how his will be. At least I know one thing for sure: he will not be alone.

After that conversation I realized the entire context of all that would arise in our daily life would now be different for my son. [At least now he would be on the same almost-imperceptible page as his sister and me! Haha!]

Here are two of his observations since that day:

“Nothing loves nothing.”

And, “Our forms can die, but WE can’t die.”


[As I type this, I pause to rub my hands together and bounce a little in my seat with glee. I do believe our lives just got a big notch even more rich this week!! Yeah!! 🙂 ]


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