My Visit to Arunachala: By Alan Jacobs

Letter From Alan Jacobs after returning from Arunachala


My dear Friends,

My whole recent visit to Arunachala was filled with Bhagavan’s boundless Grace from beginning to end.

Firstly on arrival I was struck by Arunachala’s wondrous power of silence and did not wish to post on FB or Harsha for the time being. I just wished to keep quiet as much as possible, and sadhana progressed well in this respect, under His direction, along with deeper diving in…to the Heart.

Namat a very good FB friend visited for around 10 days.She took to the Teachings, and the Ashram, like a fish in water, and we visited most of the important sites, and made many good contacts.. She was a joy to be with, and she made many new friends including Sri Ganesan. I saw many old friends as well, and renewed valuable contacts. Several FB friends made contact too.We went to the Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, in Bangalore, where I gave a talk at their conference which was enjoyable and well received . We watched their ballets and heard their music which was glorious. I was inspired to write several poems during the entire visit.

Paula Marvelly arrived later, and she is currently filming documentary footage of the Ashram, with the Ashram’s permission, under the direction of film maker and FB friend, Jean Rafael Dedieu. I enjoyed working with her, and we made many contacts for her future footage. To cap all this boundless grace, on the return flight, I amazingly found myself seated next to a charming Czech devotee of Ramana, and we shared many reflections! His grace is ever abundant.

Yours in Bhagavan,

with love to all,


Alan Jacobs

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