Work: By Kheyala

I am in a slightly bewildered state, having just come to the completion of two major projects; which, with my head down, had consumed much of my time and focus over the last two years.  One of them is my new website, and the other is the submission of half my life’s work to a publishing company.*

Presence demands excellence.  So it is interesting to me now, how the fact that I have given my very best shot at both of these things… well… that that alone really is its own reward.

Regarding these matters, I actually feel… whole.

At peace.

As if the outcome has already… out-come.  🙂


It may interesting to note that the words below were written *just* before the culmination of all that hard work.

From Meltdown to Mastery
So frustrated!
Can’t make it happen!Waaaaaah!
So sad!
I’m failing!

Ohh, Mmmm
So sorry to be having this hellish experience

[door cracks open and light spills in]


I must get to work!

No more interest
in excuses

I have a calling
and I can hear it

it beckons loudly

Somehow there is energy
forward motion!

Crank it out
Crank it out

(and actually love and enjoy
what I had most been dreading?
how is this possible?)


Who cares?

In the flow
but it’s surely trusted
as it goes

Peace can wear
a peculiar disguise:
this mischievous grin
with the sparkle
in the eyes


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* If you would like to see my website, please go to  If you would like to read my book, please send your prayers to Sounds True.  😉

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