Ramana: The Essential Teachings

Bhagavan Ramana


Discern at every step that I am whatever is beginningless, conscious, unborn, primal, resident in the Heart-cavity, unsullied, and transcending the world, whatever is pure, peerless, desireless, beyond sight or other perceptions or even mental apprehension.

Because we think we are in the body we also believe that we are born. However, we do not think of the body, of God, or of methods of realization in our deep slumber. Yet in our waking state we hold onto the body and think we are in it.

The Supreme Being is that from which the body is born, in which it lives, and into which it resolves. We, however, think that we reside within the body. Hence instruction is given. The instruction means: “look within.”

Consciousness is not born at any time; it remains eternal. But ego is born; so also the other thoughts. Associated with the absolute consciousness they shine forth, not otherwise.

Liberation is to know that you were not born. “Be still and know that I am God.”

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