From Chaos To Clarity: By Dr. Suryanarayana Raju

Many convert spirituality into a process of becoming from the present state of chaos to the perfect state of Self. This allows the mind to perpetuate itself in the name of spirituality.

Be aware of this trick of the mind. Spirituality is to be aware of “what is”. This very awareness brings transformation of present chaotic state of “what is”, to a perfect state of clarity here and now. Transformation happens in the “now”, in the present moment.

Transformation and understanding are not time bound.They are the result of awareness which is not time bound.

Psychological time is a movement of dead past projecting a future which is yet to be. This orientation bypasses the present moment.

The present moment is a living thing and is beyond the dimension of time. Time has only past tense and future tense and both are non-existential. The present moment is existential and so it is a living phenomena.

Transformation through understanding happens only in the present. Becoming is time bound and understanding never happens in becoming because becoming is a continuation of the past. Becoming is perpetuation of the past.

Only when there is ending of the past, there is a possibility of something new to happen. In the awareness of Self-inquiry we are dissociated from the past and there is the observation of “what is” without wearing the lenses of the past. In that process of awareness we are in direct contact with “what is’ without any attempt to translate “what is” according to the past and convert into the language of the past, the known.

The quality of watchfulness is central to spirituality. All other things done in the name of spirituality belong to a religious circus. There are always plenty of those.


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