Make Peace

Make Peace

Make peace with everything and everyone you can.

If that is not possible, accept it and make peace with that also.


Acceptance – A conversation between Lover and Beloved

The spiritual path, or spiritual sadhana, or we could also call it path of unfoldment, because we just unfold to what is; at the beginning, requires of:

  • Assuming one’s responsibility
  • Accepting the state of affairs of our life as it stands today
  • this brings us to a general sense of devotion to our lives
  • which in turn brings about the surrender required to experience Unity Consciousness

Acceptance is one of the key qualities that we need to implement in our lives. Understanding that our particular form of life is the result of an evolutionary process brings us into terms with life, as it is experienced by our own particular individual mind. Karma is a very much misunderstood concept. Continue reading

Embracing Spiritual Diversity: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Sage remains still.001We often have the idea that our spiritual and religious beliefs and truths are absolute. However, psychologists tell us that where we are born, how we are brought up, the values of our parents and friends, and systems of education we are exposed to have an enormous influence on our thinking and how we perceive reality. Continue reading