HarshaSatsangh is the New Luthar.com Site

Dear Friends:

Over the summer of 2008, we were able to integrate the old HarshaSatsangh.com (Love-Yoga.com) site with the Luthar.com blog. The new blog site is hosted now on a VPS which gives more flexibility in terms of the wordpress plugins. The site is still being fine tuned and now managed by a talented webmaster. If you see any problems, please let me know.

My primary reason for moving from wordpress.com was that they were starting to show ads on the site. I did not feel comfortable with that at all.

It was not easy to move from wordpress.com. But the present site is a definite improvement in terms of design and the infrastructure. The site went down the first day when I announced it probably because of large traffic within a short time. That would have never happened at wordpress.com. So, there is this weakness. If it happens again, I may have to upgrade the VPS to the next level or think of other options. We will see. So far so good.

A number of scholars and writers will continue to contribute to the site. If you are interested in writing on any topics of interest to you, please let me know.


Namaste and love to all friends in the HarshaSatsangh and  Advaitiin communities. Wait, let us broaden this to the whole world. We are the world!


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