Finding the Heart of the Light: Asking the Right Questions: By Harsh K. Luthar, Ph.D.


Human life is a precious gift that is best utilized for the search of the sublime, the good, the beautiful, and the eternal reality which is joy itself. Such words may appear trite to some, true to some, and irrelevant to still others. Certainly, in the middle of the ups and downs of daily living it is easy to become cynical and bitter about the world around us. We have all endured loss in one form or another and there is no one who has not experienced some shock or tragedy at some point in his or her life. If you listen to the T.V. news even a few times a week, it seems like the whole world is caught in a whirlpool of suffering. There are endless disputes and wars going on. Human beings are fighting, torturing, or killing each other in the name of religion, God, race, territory, politics, or just because of their inflated egos which have driven them crazy.

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Purification of the Buddhi and Self-Sadhana: By Tony O’Clery

duncan lyons

Purification of the Buddhi, or the individualised version of the universal Mahat, is necessary for spiritual progress. The Buddhi is an aspect of the Vijnanamayakosha or Awareness Sheath, it is the Inner Mind or Antahkarana. When it is turned inwards it pierces through Maya and leads to Moksha or Liberation. When it is turned outward it only succeeds in enhancing the power of the Lower Mind or Manamayakosha. This part of the mind is turned out to desires and satisfaction of the senses. A Buddhi turned outwards is a distortion of its function. For man can manipulate his mind to enjoy the senses, out of season, so to speak. Unlike the animal,which only operates instinctively within its Dharma.

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Brainwave Entrainment And Atma Vichara: By Bob Graham


In thinking about what meditation is and does, I have been remembering some of my earlier research into brainwave activity.

A picture of a brain cell, or neuron, shows a cell with long tails, called dendrites. On the dendrite are synapses or connecting points for transferring electrical current to a synapses on another cell. Some neurons have a lot of synapses clusters, meaning they can connect with a lot of other cells. Some tails are very long and can weave through the other cells making connections in a complex way. This produces a practically limitless potential for storage and retreival.

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Discriminating between the Real and the Unreal: By Dennis Waite


The following is an extract from “The Book of One” by Dennis Waite, to be published Summer 2003 by John Hunt Publishing, O Books.

We know that we “are” and we know that we are “conscious”. Thus we are already aware of the “existence” and “consciousness” aspects of our true nature. It is the “bliss” aspect of which we are still ignorant. Instead of striving to uncover this element of our nature, we spend all of our time in search of various properties of the unreal part of our selves – acquiring unreal objects in an unreal world, adorning our unreal bodies, enhancing our unreal minds and so on. It is as though, in the case of the mistaken rope, we spend all our efforts describing the fangs, imagining how poisonous the snake is and researching into anti-venom serums.

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The Religion Of Love In The New Century: By Ken Knight


God is Love; Love is God.

This is a simple statement which most of us choose to ignore. Yet prema, the unconditioned love that is Brahman is at the core of our being. There are many who would argue that such statements are nonsense in the face of the daily reports of wars, disasters, corruption and greed that fill the media. Theologians come up with theories of ‘original sin’ and ‘samsara’ and ‘the problem of evil’, among many others, to explain the apparent lack of love in the world. Will the new decade produce the seeds of a brighter scene in the emerging century? Will this in turn awaken us to a century in which a spiritual Reality is the common vision?

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You Take My Breath Away: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The Vegan Chef

Since we consider many possibilities about the future, we can consider the possibility, that thoughts and imagination can come to a complete halt in the presence of the supreme and true love. There is a saying in English that poets and lovers use, “You take my breath away.” It has deep meaning. Whoever or whatever takes your breath away is your Guru, Guide, and the Goddess.

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Shakti and Self, Yoga and Jnana, The Open Secret: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar


Those who are advanced on the path of yoga and have broken the three granthis along the sushumna through intense meditation, often have a good understanding of the nature of Kundalini Shakti and its movements.

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