Yoga is Marriage: By James Traverse


Yoga is Marriage.

There are two parts to everything – each is 100% irrefutable – every one is two, every two is one.

The flow of the breath is the relationship that is the simplest and most profound secret of all of life.

The Double Spiral Ebb and Flow of Respiration is Yoga. The fourfold ebb and flow of the breath is: inspiration-pause -expiration-pause

(This fourfold flow is seen microscopically in the double helix of human DNA and macroscopically in double spiral galaxies like our Milky Way.)

The flow moves in one direction and the ebb moves in the “opposite” direction. Together, they are a couple. And, the pause between inhalation-exhalation and the pause between exhalation-inhalation are also a couple.

The four formed by the marriage of these two couples is the Whole (like a family unit). This marriage, family of four, is the central template.

The formation is definite and infinite. Each spiral loop, family, is definite and the loops of the formation, generations, are infinitely nested in opposing directions away from centre (past and future generations).

And, like all marriages, this is a living relationship that unfolds. Each aspect of each couple is simultaneously singular and an integral aspect of the couple that forms each successive singularity.

Marriage and life have this very definite structure and they
unfold in infinitely possible ways. This is the paradoxical nature of marriage and all of life. Every one is two – every two is one.

The union, yoga, of each couple is a singularity that mates with a similarly formed singularity that creates yet another singularity that mates, and so on…ad infinitum, to ultimately manifest as a living process unfolding Itself from Itself without boundary.

Each singularity is definite and this living process is infinite. Each couple is simultaneously singular and an integral aspect of the Whole (the difference is in degree, or scale; they are the same in kind – as above, so below – as below, so above).

Yoga is the marriage of living freedom (infinite) and structure (definite). The formation is the vessel that lets you enjoy life and yet it is the emptiness of the vessel that makes it useful.

Yoga is the means and the end.

Yoga is the journey and the destination. The different approaches to yoga are simply different ways to explore the journey and the destination (yoga has traditionally been transmitted directly from an authentic teacher to the student, and, since it is a living art, this is the best way to explore yoga).

The breath is the central current of life force that is the source, the sustainer, and the substance of life.

The journey of life is the journey of the breath called respiration or re-spiriting. Spirit means essence, and its root meaning is “to breathe”. The breath is the link between the mind and the body.

When the fourpart flow of inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause is so orderly that there is stillness in the movement, then there is living understanding. In this way yoga practice is the flow of spirit, the marriage of mind and body, and it facilitates the interdimensionality of being.

The living understanding of spirit as relationship (the marriage of mind and body, intellect and intuition, the male aspect and the female aspect) is the ultimate benediction of life.

This living understanding is Love. It is Love that transforms things – to realize the highest potential oneself for the benefit of all.

Love is the Light that guides the way, and, it is ‘The Way’. When you are in the arms of the one you Love, you and your lover are definitely there, and yet, all there is is the infinite presence of Love.

Love is giving and receiving. Love is the flow of Breath.
Breath is Life. Life is Love.

Love and Gratitude


James TraverseJames Traverse is a yoga educator who has been studying yoga and meditative arts for over 30 years. James communicates the singular elegance of the intelligence of innocence to reveal the elusive obvious. He employs the direct approach of natural yoga as the means to realize the highest potential oneself for the benefit of all.

The image was taken by Duncan Lyons in England in 2002.

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