What Is Sadhana? By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar


Dear Harsha,

I have come across the Sanskrit term “Sadhana” in many articles on Eastern spirituality. What is the true meaning of “Sadhana” and what is the goal?

A Seeker

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Is Practice Necessary?: By Jon Evans

A common issue that often comes up in the minds of aspirants of Truth is, “Of what value is sustained practice? Is it necessary?” As a long-term Buddhist practitioner and someone who has dabbled in Advaita Vedanta, I have come to see practice as an absolute necessity. I find that in my own practice, it has helped me achieve, what is the most poignant answer to the most revealing question that the aspirant can ask his or herself. This simply being, “What is it that I really want in life?” I have found that the answer to this question, if one is completely honest with oneself, directly points to the need to practice.

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Is Spiritual Practice Necessary?: By Greg Goode

I don’t give you what has to be done because
there is nothing to be done.


Is spiritual practice necessary? This question never comes up in the orthodox traditions, because the “Yes” to practice is built into their very structure. But within nondual teaching contexts, this is a Top Ten Question. And most of the time, the answer is some version of

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