The Language Of Silence


Bhagavan Sri Ramana used to say that the highest spiritual teaching and transmission is only in silence.

True Silence comes when there is complete surrender to God without any reservation.

Then there is no room for anxiety, worry, or any other mental noise.

In this sublime silence filled to the brim with peace and contentment, the fullness of awareness spontaneously reveals ItSelf as the Universal Intelligence.

It is the Pure Infinite Being whose very nature is Bliss.


Editor’s note: The photo art is from Eden Kailash fb page.

One thought on “The Language Of Silence

  1. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    There’s a story I love about Gautama Buddha – he sat before his disciples and instead of the sermon they were looking forward to, he sat in radiant silence…and I believe he finally held out a flower to them, as his entire teaching for the day. The truth is that words fall on different ears in different ways and therefore the Sage prefers to teach in silence – although he or she is simultaneously radiating incredible transformative energy that we ordinary humans can only try to imagine…thank you for sharing this, Harsh Luthar.


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