From Mira Prabhu, the Yogini Mystic residing in Arunachala.

mira prabhu

FB_IMG_1472401603075I dashed off this short poem 16 years ago, right after trudging up the mountain, even as snow flakes drifted down to earth. We were heading home, I and the three beautiful American friends with whom I shared a big home with a fantastic view of the mountains. Leopards and bears prowled the area and life could definitely be dangerous!!! I wouldn’t do it again, but I will never regret living on the knife-edge of existence, where my spirit transformed.

David Evans just wrote to tell me that Dharamkot is the current Feature Poem on the Poets International website (link below)…

February 2000/Mira Prabhu

The long steep rocky road from McLeod winds upward
Until we three reach the path
That leads to our snow-bound home in Dharamkot.

Chloe stops to lick the snow
Off tall and silent winter trees;
Eli follows suit, then I too join in.

Three sisters…

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