Depression – Happiness Unveiled: by Dr Damiana Corca

When I started writing articles a while ago I never knew how much of a blessing would be to me. Every article I write comes from my heart, but this one is truly special. It has brought me joy and gratitude, and for that I need to thank all who participated in this interview-article. Continue reading

Depression – Lifting the Cloud with Natural Medicine: By Dr Damiana Corca

Depression may have touched each of us at some point in our life. But you were probably able to bounce right back in no time. If in the past depression was only referred to in advanced clinical depression cases, nowadays the word depression has stretched its meaning to the point where every little step wherefrom the expected outcome does not follow, can result in “depression”. Continue reading

The Gospel of Jesus Decoded: Christ and Kundalini, Part 1 by Michael Bowes

Although it is referred to in many different ways the Kundalini Shakti plays a key role in all spiritual traditions.  The principles are the same, the effects are the same; but the words and symbols used to express Kundalini differ.  In the Judeo/Christian tradition Kundalini is known as the Holy Spirit, Living Water, Christ, the Anointing, the Word and by other terms as well.

But before exploring the details of Kundalini in the Judeo/Christian scriptures, I would like to introduce the subject by examining the authentic and original message of Jesus.  Continue reading

Kundalini Shakti and Enlightenment: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Dear Friends:

Over the last three decades, I have seen the words Kundalini and Chakras (Energy Centers) become popular and enter the mainstream of conversations about spirituality. There is much hype surrounding these concepts and often people without much experience pose as experts and masters. If one can find a genuine teacher and the pure teaching, it helps a lot. Continue reading

Heart Opening Pose: By Christine Wushke

This pose naturally opens and expands the chest, making this pose an excellent opportunity to practice an open heart meditation. If at anytime during the practice of this meditation you are no longer comfortable in the pose, bend your knees, and roll onto your side and rest for a while.


1. Take 2 folded blankets, and stagger them, so one is on top of the other, and the top blanket is pulled about 2 inches back. Fold the top blanket under at the other end, to make a pillow.



Copy of pranayama compressed

2. Lay on your back with the base of the spine touching the bottom blanket. Let your shoulders roll under and open the front of the chest.

3. Let your body sink into the pose, let your chest open a little more, and soften your breathing. Focus for a few moments on feeling the nourishment in your breath. Continue reading

ABC of Healthy Eyes: by Dr Damiana Corca

The most complex organ besides the brain, the eyes diligently serve us as the most sophisticated camera that ever existed. For example, our eyes can see more than 10 million color hues and record over 24 million images over a lifetime.

As we age, our whole visual system undergoes changes and usually around the age of 45 many people become aware of some pathological changes. Menopausal women experience a quite bothersome dryness while elderly adults even have difficulty in raising their eyes up. Continue reading