Bhagavan Ramana’s Blessing to Sri Muruganar

Place your burden
at the feet of the Lord of the universe
who accomplishes everything.

Remain all the time steadfast
in the heart,
in the Transcendental Absolute.

God knows the past, present and future.

He will determine the future for you and accomplish the work.

What is to be done will be done at the proper time. Don’t worry.

Abide in the heart and surrender your acts to the Divine.

Bhagavan Ramana

Bhagavan Ramana

Correction: According to original sources, this blessing was first given to Kavayakanth Ganpati Muni. However, it truly applies to all devotees.

17 thoughts on “Bhagavan Ramana’s Blessing to Sri Muruganar

  1. This is complete surrender (Poorna Saranagathi); the best and easiest spiritual discipline.It is better to call it a way of life rather than spiritual discipline. For such people even Self-inquiry is not required. Self-inquiry is for head oriented people who doubt the existence of Godliness. Saranagathi is for heart oriented people who trust the existence without any reservations.


  2. Yes. What you say is true Dr. Raju. Bhagavan said that both Self-Inquiry and Surrender lead the the same place, the Heart. Thank you and thanks to Rafe-ji and Katie-ji for their comments.


    • True.. All discussions happen in duality.. When the self is realised all duality ceases to exist and in turn all discussion is also closed.. There is no second entity so what is to be seen or heard.. ? It is silence.. That state of transcendence is only experience and cannot be put in words.. If one experiences that state , nothing else matters.. And mere discussion cannot lead us anywhere.. Only perseverance to know can keep us steadfast in our efforts to either enquiry or devotion.. 🙂


  3. If all discussions stop when Self is realiszed, how do you explain that Bhagavan speaks to his devotees?

    Self Realisation is not a concept!


  4. Jai Bhagavan. ” I ” is not the body and mind. Then what is ” I “? Where does it stay? Is it in the body or mind or out side of all these? If ” I ” is in the body, where is the exact location? What is the difference between mind and brain? Where is the location of the mind? Why thoughts are coming? What is the origin for the thought? Why the thoughts are good, bad and neutral? Who is creating thought? Either ” I ” or some thing else? What is the reason for creating a thought? How can reach ” I ” with the help of body, mind and brain? Sir Please answer.


    • 1.” I ” is not the body and mind.
      Who says this? It is not the body which is jatam and cannot say anything. The play of the mind has begun.

      2. Where does it stay? Is it in the body or mind or out side of all these? Etc., etc.
      Who has created body, mind, outside, inside and all kinds of intellectual questions? Again it is the mind game.

      3. What is the origin for the thought?
      Past memories (or karma if you prefer a traditional term).which is interfering in the present moment when the thought occurs.

      4. Why the thoughts are good, bad and neutral?
      Because the mind (another thought) says so. One thought evaluates another thought and attaches a label to it as good or bad.

      5. Who is creating thought?
      Thought. Like cell division, thought divides itself into hundreds.

      6. How can reach ” I ” with the help of body, mind and brain?
      Thought is never still and wants to reach here and there. Because it is based on the past, the future created by any thought is illusion. So any reaching in the future is also illusion.


  5. “How can reach ” I ” with the help of body, mind and brain? ..” !! need to go beyond these 3 things and more…. to find the true “I”. In the talks book he says same thing in soo many ways, depending on the nature of the devotee. A first step could be to look at the “I” that is writing these questions and then see where that observer takes you.
    please comment /edit this reply out if i have misstated the teaching.
    regards all
    and a wonderfull online group


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