Heart Opening Pose: By Christine Wushke

This pose naturally opens and expands the chest, making this pose an excellent opportunity to practice an open heart meditation. If at anytime during the practice of this meditation you are no longer comfortable in the pose, bend your knees, and roll onto your side and rest for a while.


1. Take 2 folded blankets, and stagger them, so one is on top of the other, and the top blanket is pulled about 2 inches back. Fold the top blanket under at the other end, to make a pillow.



Copy of pranayama compressed

2. Lay on your back with the base of the spine touching the bottom blanket. Let your shoulders roll under and open the front of the chest.

3. Let your body sink into the pose, let your chest open a little more, and soften your breathing. Focus for a few moments on feeling the nourishment in your breath. Continue reading

My Spiritual Journey: By Jerry Biberman, Ph.D.

My personal interest in spirituality, my own experiences with spiritual practices, and the transpersonal experiences I’ve had fuel my interest in learning more about the relationship of spirituality to the workplace. It enables me to stay in dharma. It also enables me to be more aware of other people who share my passion for the subject. In this article, I am going to describe my personal spiritual journey, and how it led me to write and teach about spirituality at work. Continue reading