O Quiet Dragon: By Jim Atwell

In the cave of my loins sleeps a quiet dragon.
Slowly she awakens; with a little prodding from myself I must admit.
I feel her awakening to a brand new day.
Slowly she starts to spin, with a whirlpool of desire.
She greets the day with the magma of her breath
And I wonder should I leave sleeping dragons lay?
Her fire starts to burn without flames
And her passion infuses my soul.
Faster and faster she starts to melt away this ice age of my mind.
Suddenly she bursts forth and I am left in awe,
We have been carried on this wind that blows through my soul.
It takes me to a home I never left
And a Love I never knew I forgot.
Ride your quiet dragon into time
And breathe yourself into Love.

Much Love
Jim Atwell

2 thoughts on “O Quiet Dragon: By Jim Atwell

  1. Wonderful poem Jim-ji. Reminds me of the mystic poets who write about the Goddess. Thank you for your sharing. I look forward to reading more.


  2. There is no ‘return’………
    It’s a Home i never left!!!

    Wow Jim— Just THIS line caught me…….. and i forgot all else.

    I never left Home!!! ??? And all the while i thought i’ve been wandering??? Wow!!


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