The Body and the Mind: By Ramesh Chivukula

Body’s needs are legitimate
It is the Mind that is greedy.

Body language is always honest
Language of the Mind not always so.

Body rests when the need arises,
Mind is always restless.

Body is naturally healthy ,
Mind causes sickness.

Body is capable of self healing ,
Mind’s disbelief spoils it.

Body is like a well oiled machine,
Mind abuses it.

Body never wants to over indulge,
It is the Mind that is corrupt.

Body is the Temple of the Soul ,
Mind is the ” Illusion”.

In the state of ” No-Mind ” ,
Body is weightless!!

The greatest wisdom of the Body is that it
Is concerned only with the present moment.

It is the monkey Mind which jumps
In between the past and the future !!

2 thoughts on “The Body and the Mind: By Ramesh Chivukula

  1. I feel you need to tune into the mind of the heart and not the mind of the head. The mind of the heart thinks in unity. The mind of the head thinks in duality. You can train the two to work together. The mind is not the enemy. It is the uncontrolled mind that causes all the problems. When the mind of the head is aware of love it is at peace and desirous of knowing more about the unity of love. When the mind of the heart meets with the mind of the intellect it wants to share its understanding of unity and wants to understand the dualistic nature of the mind. They can both co-exist in a seemingly dualistic reality. Both interfacing with one another in the understanding and knowing of love.


  2. Agreed Jim. Here in this so called poem , the Mind is the equivalent of ego entity. Body is avessel for Being.

    There is no pure Mind.
    When the Mind is absent,
    The pure Soul ( Heart ) shines !


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