I Love Your Silence! : By Helene Perrin Averous

Bhagavan Ramana

This world is full of words

spewed out in excitement

creating noise and confusion.

It demands appreciation

and acknowledgement

of its existence.

The shouts

of pain and vanity

compete for your attention.

Yet your eyes remain aloof

and not a single utterance

ever passes your lips.

I love your silence.


Editor’s note: This is an edited version of the submitted poem.

4 thoughts on “I Love Your Silence! : By Helene Perrin Averous

  1. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    The silence of the sage is a far cry from sulky adolescent silence or the cold war that often rages in families….the silence of a sage is a powerful force that can shift karma and aid in the transformation of a suffering human into a being of light…here is Helene Perrin Averous’ beautiful poem – yes, we all love Ramana Maharshi’s silence…the silence of a mind that has spread across the cosmos. Thank you for sharing, Harsh Luthar!


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