The Holy Task of Self-Realization: By Alan Jacobs

We must never lose sight of the Holy Task, that of Self Knowledge, or Self-Realization.

This is the main thrust of Bhagavan Ramana’s teaching. Bhagavan leaves to us to make intelligent use of our lives as we follow his teachings of self awareness and being a witness to all that is happening. Following his guidance and example, we discover the God or Guru within; the Inner Ruler, the Heart.

The journey to Self-Realization needs supporting methods or “recipes” to constantly refresh us. That is why being with Bhagavan devotees in satsang is most helpful. Bhagavan has said that those who have found the company of sages and devotees have found the best help.

Bhagavan also advocates that we enquire into our nature. Due to His grace, teachings of Bhagavan are widely available. Teachings in their utmost purity are found in Bhagavan’s works and also his conversations.

One of my personal favorites is Bhagavan’s masterly treatise Self Enquiry in which he gives a comprehensive account of how to pursue meditation and enquiry to Self-Realization.

In the picture below, I am in Satsang with Bhagavan devotees from Arunachala and we are eating some good South Indian food. We are looking so happy because we feel Bhagavan with us.

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