Raw, Vegan, Live Food, Part – 1: By Cyndi Dodick

The raw food movement is “mushrooming” as classes and events are “sprouting” up across the globe, “cultivating” a large number of raw-curious people wondering why any sane person would cease to cook their food.  This article is meant to “plant a seed” of basic reasons why one might consider including a greater number of foods in their natural state of grace and  in part two, why becoming vegan is the only option for healing our planet, whether we choose cooked or raw. Continue reading

Diary of A Mystic Yogi: By Christine Wushke

Three Day Mountain Isolation Retreat: Journal Entry #3:

Day Three: Sunday morning I was sitting in my little cabin and the sun was shining through the window. I wanted to sit in the sun for a while so I closed my eyes and was just enjoying the warmth. Just like the previous day i began to notice a strong buzzing underneath me, as if the floor and chair were vibrating. At some point I became aware of an inner expansion, which I just allowed to unfold in front of me. Continue reading

Meditation without Frontiers – Meditacion sin Fronteras

Meditación sin Fronteras is an initiative started by Sivasankari, a meditation teacher from the Spanish Meditation Society and IFSU which is directed to teach Yoga (meditation techniques and spiritual practices) to social groups in risk of exclusion or depression. The initiative has been conceived as a service to society and it is carried by voluntary meditation teachers trained by The Spanish Meditation Society and the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment who are inspired in the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi. Continue reading