Raw, Vegan, Live Food, Part – 1: By Cyndi Dodick

The raw food movement is “mushrooming” as classes and events are “sprouting” up across the globe, “cultivating” a large number of raw-curious people wondering why any sane person would cease to cook their food.  This article is meant to “plant a seed” of basic reasons why one might consider including a greater number of foods in their natural state of grace and  in part two, why becoming vegan is the only option for healing our planet, whether we choose cooked or raw. Continue reading

Book Review of _The Blue Zones_: by Dr. Gregg Carter

Dan Buttner’s The Blue Zones (National Geographic Society, 2008) is a great read for those wanting to keep up with the science of aging but not wanting to read the associated academic journals. In the early 2000s, the National Geographic Society sent a team of longevity experts to those 4 slender geographic areas of the world where people are much more likely to attain the age of 100, in good health, than all other places on earth. The areas are Loma Linda, CA, USA (virtually all 7th-Day Adventists); the Nicoyan peninsula in Costa Rica; the interior hill country of Sardinia; and the northern interior of Okinawa. Though difficult to parse out, the teams found commonalities among these 4 Blue Zones and assessed that longevity was a function of these factors: Continue reading

How And Why I became a Vegetarian: By Tony O’Clery.

In 1985 on a visit to family in Australia I was on Bondi Beach, where I ate a hamburger. I fell asleep on the beach and had a strange dream that I was a cow. I saw the whole process of the slaughterhouse, including fear, smells, noises, terror, cruel treatment etc.

It was a horrifying nightmare and I awoke saying aloud ‘They know, they know they are to be cruelly slaughtered’. That day I became a vegetarian. I had always said that if I ever really thought about the morality of eating meat, I would probably stop. Continue reading

Stress and Its Many Hats: by Dr. Damiana Corca, DOM, AP

“Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.”

Dr. Hans Selye, also called Dr. Stress Continue reading

Spiritual Nutrition: By Cyndi Dodick

Why consume food, why breath unless is draws us closer to the Divine?   More and more it is revealed to me that everything we do is a form of nutrition.  The food we choose to eat will either bring us closer, or carry us away from the Divine. The company we keep, the books we read, the music we choose, our daily routines are all opportunities to collect sparks of the Divine.   Every action we select becomes a part of the quest for God Mergence or Deveikut if we stay connected to the Creator.  Balancing the desires  that  detour the journey  is a daily task.  Some days the battle feels like standing in opposition to a hurricane/gale force wind and other days, there’s is just a gentle breeze blowing, yet always there is wind against my skin. Continue reading