Meditation without Frontiers – Meditacion sin Fronteras

MeditaciĆ³n sin Fronteras is an initiative started by Sivasankari, a meditation teacher from the Spanish Meditation Society and IFSU which is directed to teach Yoga (meditation techniques and spiritual practices) to social groups in risk of exclusion or depression. The initiative has been conceived as a service to society and it is carried by voluntary meditation teachers trained by The Spanish Meditation Society and the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment who are inspired in the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi.

Women suffering gender violence, terminal patients and its families, homeless, prison-mates, economically depressed neighborhoods, public schools, long-term unemployed, etc… are offered this service free of charge.

The Yoga taught is based in the traditional Yoga teachings and includes practices related to action, thoughts and feelings (Karma, Bhakti and Gnana) and individually designed practices of Raja Yoga. The practices and exposition is classic yet adapted in its language to modern day men and women and taking into consideration the particularities of each of the individuals that we teach to.

Through an agreement with Pou de la Figuera from the City of Barcelona, Meditacion sin Fronteras started last Tuesday 7th September a Free 9 week meditation course for neighbours of an empoverished neighbourhood from Barcelona City Center.

33 people started their meditation class and will continue throughout the next 9 weeks learning and being guided in the art of daily meditation and spiritual practices.

We hope to be able to add our bit to help alleviate the suffering that many of our brothers and sisters go through.

We thank Sivasankari for this nice initiative.

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