Our DNA: The Source and Goal We Call God: By Divyaa Kumar

We often think in terms of Gods creating us; but in truth it is we who create our gods! As humans, we sense our purest qualities, but unable to accept them as ‘self’, we view them outside us initially…and call these our Gods and Masters. It is actually vision of Self – our highest ideas of Self encoded in our very Dna- but unable to claim these within us, we project them onto a ‘god’ outside.

Seers of earlier days viewed these highest potentials, qualities, essences ‘That” we truly are, and in order to describe them to the larger people, they gave them form and name. For example, describing life force as Shiva; abundance as Lakshmi; wisdom as Saraswati. And to further enumerate these qualities or essences, as each is made up of innumerable facets (for example life force can be expressed as power, as will and desire, as awareness even; and abundance is so many things at deeper and deeper levels: joy and bliss and profusion of all that is within to name but a few) and it could take sentences or pages or books to explore all the nuances of any one ‘quality’… were stories and mythology woven around them. This is called anthropomorphism – whereby we personalize or humanize an abstract quality to understand it better! We give it human name and form and history even! We bring the abstract to life to understand it better! The intangible aspects that make up our universe, or explain what creation really is, was too subtle for initial mankind to truly grasp… and this tangibility made it easier! It’s truly what ‘stories’ are! It is what makes up most of mythology. For through these ‘stories’ can we more easily understand and identify the purer nuances of Self! And thus seek to be them!

And thus have our purest visions of Self, become our gods! And thus is our source projected outside as our goal! And thus are they all immanent in our Dna…that record keeper so to say that keeps all that we are intact within us while we play the game of seeming separation and ignorance! But bear in mind that the word ‘pure’ is without the judgment of being better than ‘dense’! For actually the only difference in pure and dense is the vibratory frequency at which I am exploring or experiencing Self! Thus yes, while pure does refer to our ‘finer’ vibrations …in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of self, which choose the ‘denser’ experiences to add to their finesse! And thus it works so beautifully! Finer aspects of Self, explore the denser realms to add to the perfection of Self …perfection doesn’t remain a static state of being! And yet, while we explore the more tangible realms we retain our purest aspects- outside us as gods to merge with! And within us -as our DNA to propel us forward!

From this follows the understanding that if our thoughts and feelings are the creative power through which we create life – then surely- critical mass humanity conjuring their gods in any given appearance would create these forms on inner levels? Whereby we would tangibly feel their ‘presence’ as such and thus consider them ‘real’? Strengthening our belief in ‘them’ and adding to that vitality that we first created on the inner planes! And thus drawing even more succor from these vitally tangible if not physical forms that hold (or are shaped by) our highest potentials! Yet if we can now make our gods more humane…not merely view them in the lofty, out- of- reach visuals that benefited us as early mankind, our gods will indeed exist as you and me…and the new avatars that the world is waiting for will ‘be’! Now is the time, and you are the avatar!

Lets take this a little further and view our gods in different ways- Mythological ‘gods’ which I have referred to above- the pure potentials and qualities That I Am. Thus qualities that makes up our very Dna! And our historical gods like Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir, Mohammed (to name a few) who as mankind actualized these pure potentials within them! The yet unknown gods that we are, individuations each on this same journey or play, unraveling the potential immanent in our DNA! What science calls extending the frontiers of our brain! And the Whole, Godself; from which we ‘descend’ metaphorically …for actually the cosmic play is happening within the Whole! Not outside as we usually conjure! There is no thing other than I…no ‘outside’! This is why there is no time and space! To grasp this beyond the intellectual, view in analogy yourself dreaming of visiting another country; conjure yourself older… and now younger; visualize what you consider ideal playmates to join you…and observe all of this happened within you, in the now! In that no space within you! And this is how we play our Cosmic game as God- within!

More so, our historical gods (like all of us) are each a unique exploration of the Whole; a finely honed focus of the Whole; taking ‘back’ or actualizing an inimitable, distinctive aspect of the Whole! And thus each ‘god’ shows a different facet…none ‘teaching’ exactly the same! And sometimes humanity gets confused as to which is the truth! But that’s the whole point of creation! Whereby each individuation explores and actualizes a unique aspect of the whole for the whole! We imbue the whole with a unique slant! We desire a distinctive experience for the whole! And thus must we not get perplexed by what the different gods are saying, but take from each god what helps us create our own vision and real-ization of the whole! For if we all ‘go back’ with the same picture…what a waste of eternity! And yet, bear in mind that actualizing any one aspect to its fullest potential, automatically leads to all our other divine qualities actualizing within us…for each facet is only a doorway! And once we ‘enter’ the whole through it, we actualize all that is within! And become the divine beings that we are!

And if we keep in mind, that ‘they’ our gods, are in the largest sense, ‘earlier’ aspects of Self (in non-linear terms or it all happens simultaneously) we do not feel so distanced from our highest potentials. As an earlier self, they are inherent in me and always there for me to tap into…and contribute to! For ‘they’ the gods are not stagnant, finished…but expanding every moment through us, their extended selves! Perfection is a dynamic state of being…not an end as we often consider it to be! And thus as current self taps into this ever expanding ’god or higher potential’, there is always more to tap into and thus further actualize! We contribute to our god selves even as they to us…what a beautiful cycle…!

Divyaa Kummar

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